As we change in the physical manner during these times, so does our outlooks on the decisions we make and the ones we have made.  Working with the miniature world, this project re-creates various circumstances in my personal life through constructed dioramas. While the project was inspired by personal experiences, it is more about the human condition overall. Rising of the Conscience explores the journey of how real-life events, rendered to be surreal, only surface back into reality by triggering the subconscious.Having the changes in landscapes not only portray the specific time periods I had to face with, but also represent inner change.
   The following are only 4 out of the 10 images from the thesis. Each season is dedicated to four different themes; summer as a time of self-discovery, autumn as a time of unforeseen changes; winter as a time of dormant reflection, and spring as a time of metamorphosis. 
Caught in a daydream, the familiar stranger stares back at the Queen from behind her frame. An ebb and flow of garments submerge her in a tide of black suits, white coats and blue dresses. The shifting stranger holds her fading gaze, unable to stay under the heat of the summer sun.
In the face of fire, swift and destructive, he became water, collected in his resolutions. Sallow eyes peer on from a hollow skull, celebrating what the outside mourns as tragedy. 
Figures approach with harmful intent; I keep still, swallowing my breath as if to halt the flow of time, or perhaps time holds me still.
Shedding my old skin I open to a new world crafted from within to lift my calling with tangible wings.

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